The Committee is focused on the advancement of cloud computing by connecting experts from academia and across industries to develop global industry standards, vendor-neutral course materials and accreditation.

The role of the Committee is to:

  • Oversee the development of course materials and the certification exams that comprise the Certified Cloud Professional (CCP) program from (Cloud School).
  • Examine and enhance the instructional delivery of the CCP program which includes face-to-face instructor-led and self-study delivery mechanisms.
  • Ensure that new courses follow the same type of formatting, naming conventions and vocabulary as previously released course modules.
  • Establish and adhere to policies and a framework in order to oversee the scope, direction, evolution and governance of the cloud computing course materials and exams.

Assessment of the certification exams is one of the most important roles of the Cloud Education & Credential Committee. Several reviews take place including an analysis of exam questions to ensure their relevance, alignment with the curriculum as well as the general interpretability of English for speakers of other languages (ESOL).