The Exam Review Process advances the interpretability of the questions and ensures their relevance and alignment with the curriculum. The sequence of the process is noted below.

Prometric Testing Centers /
In-Person Exam Proctoring

arrow Provide Exam Metrics

Prometric makes exam metrics available as the examinations are taken.

arrow Publish Updated Exams

Prometric will receive the updated examinations and publish them to the worldwide network of test centers.

Cloud School


Receive Metrics

A Cloud School representative will receive examination metrics from Prometric. The metrics will be collected until a reasonable sample size has been gathered to conduct analysis.


arrow Generate Consolidated Report per Exam

Once a significant number of metrics have been received on an individual exam, a consolidated report will be generated and sent to the Committee for analysis.

arrow Receive Notification

Upon receipt of the finalized review summary from the Committee, a Cloud School representative will process the review results.


arrow Review Results and Incorporate Changes

A Cloud School representative will access the change management system to obtain the detailed notes and suggested changes to the exams. They will update the change requests with a status notice that indicates how the issues was resolved or otherwise managed.


arrow Periodic Refresh of Exams Under New Version

On a periodic basis, Cloud School will release updated examinations to Prometric for publishing. If notable issues need to be resolved with an existing exam, the update will occur posthaste.


Cloud Education &
Credential Committee

Receive Reports

Upon receipt of the report(s), the Committee will subject the data to analysis.


Analyze Reports

The reports will be analyzed in an effort to isolate meaningful information.


arrow Detect and Isolate any Trends if Present

The detection of trending data on a per exam, per question, per instructional delivery method is at the heart of the Committee's responsibility as it pertains to reviewing examination results.


Finalize Review

A summary of the review findings will be prepared and sent to a Cloud School representative.

Change Management System

Create Change Request and Review Notes

Any trend related data will be noted and specific suggested changes to individual exams will be documented via change requests.

Update Change Request

A Cloud School representative will update the change requests and communicate with Committee members regarding the chosen resolution for the noted issues.