The Community Input Process enhances the CCP curriculum, exams and course delivery mechanisms, and facilitates a proactive procedure which governs updates to, and enhancements of, the learning experience for the Cloud School community. The sequence of the process is noted below.

Community Evaluation

arrow Generate Report after each Course Delivery

This activity will have more meaning as a transition to an online community evaluation system is anticipated.

Cloud School


Receive Reports

Currently community evaluations are sent to a Cloud School representative by the instructor. In the future, the reports will be generated by an online community evaluation system.


arrow Deliver Reports

The community evaluations are collected and delivered to the Committee for analysis.

arrow Receive Notification

Receipt of the review summary serves as a notification that the review of community evaluation data has concluded.


arrow Review Results and Provide Instructor Feedback

The results of the community feedback evaluation are assessed by Cloud School, and appropriate actions are taken. Some examples of actions are as follows: - An instructor may be provided with constructive feedback on their classroom performance;
- A venue with a catering or HVAC problem will be notified;
- A student feedback notice about curriculum or examinations will be recorded and feed into other Committee processes; and
- A student may be contacted to address their concerns.


Cloud Education &
Credential Committee

Receive Reports for Analysis

The community evaluations are received and made ready for Committee review.


Analyze Community Comments

The community comments are reviewed with an eye for collecting useful information on instructional materials, examinations and the instructor. Movement to an online evaluation system will enable community members who use self-study kits, to also provide feedback on their experiences with the materials.


arrow Record Notable Observations

Notable observations and change requests generated from the student feedback process are entered into the change management system.


Finalize Review

A review summary is prepared and sent back to a Cloud School representative at the conclusion of the review.

Change Management System

Create Change Request and Review Notes

Information entered into the change management system will include community member's contact information if their concern requires communication with Cloud School.

Update Change Request

Change requests are updated to indicate the status of the request and to provide feedback for the Committee in regards to Cloud School's disposition determination.